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Monday, June 6, 2011

Periodization and IML 2011

For those interested in how I am approaching the build toward IML 2011 this post is for you.

The game plan is to work through 3 mesocyles of 3 weeks in length w/ 1 week of recovery. Currently, I have worked through the first mesocyle. This past Saturday was another high quality session that reflected a 2:40 CompuTrainer ride using the CS 1.6 software. The focal point of these sessions on the trainer are to work the 'sweet spot' (75 to 90%) of my Functional Threshld Power (FTP). Emphasis is being placed on the 250 to 300 watt range for IML 2011 prep.

Here is the fun part friends. I am working both a ladder and pyramid scheme to load the legs within work intervals of 10 to 30+ min in duration. Here is the kicker. To make these 2 to 4 hr sessions equivalent to "112 miles" I add additional stress in acute doses on the back end. On this particular workout I ingested 350 watts x 1 min w/ 1 min recovery. It was fun watching the legs begin to submit to the load; ~90 RPMs decreased to 80 RPMs in 1 min.

What I love about this compressed approach to training is that it mirrors "IM legs" so well. I noted this sensation in a previous post. I always make sure to run post the consumption of such efforts. On this particular day I took on almost 7 miles to test my gut at a pace that would be 30 to 45 sec slower then 1/2 marathon pace (open pacing); 7:10 min/mile average. The entire run I used Gatorade Endurance and mimicked 'aid stations' by ingesting one mouthful of fluid per mile.

For this IM prep I am dialing in on 9 key Endurance Bike/Run workouts. This one was 2 of 9. The plan is to peak at 4 hrs / 1 hr (Bike/Run).

Hoping you are all enjoying the heat and embracing it.

Train smart and with great vigor,
Coach L

This last sentence is important. I recommend you take note of how much fluid your mouth can take in. This knowledge will allow you to best strategize for your fluid/energy intake on race day and while training.

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